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Tired of work-at-home job scams that drain your energy and your wallet?


There are legitimate companies out there that hire telecommuters IF you know where to look.


Allow The Telecommuter Job Report to be your guide.


Dear Job Seeker,

If you've been searching around the Internet for work-at-home opportunities, then you already know how frustrating it can be.

There are many web sites out there that claim to have the inside scoop on work-at-home jobs. They may even show you some tantilizing job descriptions on their homepage.

But many of them are just posting job listings that can be found freely online. (And that's the honest to goodness truth!)

They don't have any 'inside connections,' or special networks that make employers looking for telecommuters seek them out.

They just know which web sites to go to, and how to look for those jobs. That's the only inside scoop they have.

And now you can have that exact insider information at your fingertips.


The Telecommuter Job Report gives you access to the same web site addresses where those telecommuter membership site owners get their leads.

The cat is out of the bag - to the dismay of those site owners who thrive on charging a membership fee for their information.

I'll tell you exactly which sites to go to, as well as how to search through those sites to find job leads that are appropriate for you.

That's exciting, but I haven't gotten to the really juicy part yet.

You'll also see my short list of companies that are constantly hiring telecommuters for a variety of positions.

And you'll see interviews of people that work for these companies. They'll tell you exactly what to expect as you work-at-home.


But before you go any further, PLEASE understand that the companies in The Telecommuter Job Report offer

REAL jobs that require REAL work.

(NO sitting around watching soap operas all day, NO get-rich-quick scams, and NO paying companies to hire you!)

And that's a good thing.

Because anytime you hear something like, "Make $200 a day with no experience" or "Stuff envelopes and earn $500-$1,000 a week," you should click the heck on out of there!

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Real telecommuter jobs are just like positions in the outside world. They require certain types of skills, some require proficiency with computers and specific brands of software, and still others require that you train in advance.

As a job seeker you will have to go through an application process. References will be checked. And some companies even request a police clearance.

Like I said before, these are real jobs! So please don't order if you think you're going to be able to sit around all day relaxing, and collect a check at the end of the week. You will have to do actual work.

What type of work?

Well that depends on the company.

The Telecommuter Job Report features companies that offer the following jobs--

  • Telephone Customer Service

  • Teaching/Tutoring

  • Data Entry

  • Accounting

  • Mystery Shopping (I'll tell you which company schedules 30,000+ shopping jobs EVERY MONTH, as well as insider tips that'll get you working in no time.)

In addition you'll also find--

  • Interviews from actual telecommuting employees. They give you REAL insight into what you should expect from certain companies. This is extremely valuable information!

  • Survey companies that pay cash. I refuse to work for prizes or points. You shouldn't either because Time=Money. The companies you'll discover in The Telecommuter Job Report pay cash to their participants.

  • Companies to AVOID like the plague. Some companies sound legitimate. They may even give you work. But when it comes to paying their employees on time or at all, these companies fall short. I'll tell you which ones to look out for.

  • Links to frequently updated lists of work at home jobs. Discover new jobs daily.


C'mon Alexis, tell the truth... Do the resources in your report really work?

The reason why I wrote this report is because I KNOW the information you'll receive actually works.

You see before I turned this information into a report, it was a tool that helped my sister save her house.

Back in October 2004 my sister and her family found themselves in a terrible financial bind.

She does daycare from home. Her husband works 60 hour weeks doing forklift work at a warehouse. At the time they had two children under the age of 2.

They were both working hard to make ends meet. However during that fateful October two of my sisters daycare clients quit on her. So that took away $1,080 a month in income.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how dreadful it can be to lose over $1,000 a month without warning. Especially if you don't have a savings to make up the difference.

They couldn't pay their mortgage on time, and by the time she finally called me crying, they were almost three months in the hole. They had most of the money. But their mortgage company wouldn't accept a partial payment. They had to give all of what they owed, or nothing. And if they paid nothing they'd be going into foreclosure soon.

With two kids at home, a husband who worked at night, and only one car in the household, my sister couldn't get a part-time job. So she figured she'd try to get a telecommuter job, and work at home.

She had already ordered a report that was supposed to give her work-at-home job information. But that turned out to be 1,000% useless.

She even signed up to promote some kind of medical discount card by telemarketing.

After several weeks of forcing herself to make the phone calls - and failing miserably - she gave up.

Literally at the end of her rope she called me (knowing that I do a lot of research online) and asked if I could help her find some kind of job that she could do at home. My quest began that very night - and what a quest it was!

I had to search through a ton of junk.

And when I wasn't searching through junk, the only jobs available were geared towards writers and programmers. Definitely not up my sister's alley.

After a few days I started to believe that the real companies hiring telecommuters just didn't advertise those positions online. Then when I was in the library, I stumbled upon a magazine article that profiled several people who were successfully telecommuting.

What really captured my attention was a quote from one of the people profiled. Apparently she was making enough from her work-at-home position that she could afford to pay a mortgage.

This article lead to some more sites. And before I knew it, I had a nice list of companies that hire telecommuters.

I e-mailed that list to my sister the next day, and she immediately began the application process for a company hiring customer service representatives.

To our surprise, that very company invited her to go through a training process. She did it, took the tests, and passed. They did the necessary background checks, and a few days later she was able to start working... AT HOME.


Today - July 2006 - my sister is still working for that company.

She does daycare during the day, and works her customer service job at nights and on the weekends when her husband can watch the kids.

She loves it because she can work day or night. In fact, calls come in 24 hours a day for her major account. Plus there are many opportunities for growth as the company she works for fields calls from many major US companies.

She currently takes calls for a shopping network, several infomercials, and a major office supply store.

On a recent Sunday she earned a little over $85 for 7 hours of work.

NOT 7 consecutive hours, mind you. She worked 2 hours in the morning, took a two hour break. Worked an hour in the afternoon, then finished up later that night after the kids went to sleep.

And when you consider the fact that she didn't have to leave her house to earn that money, it's even sweeter.

Following the advice I gave her she also does some mystery shopping assignments here and there. (Not quite a work-at-home job, I know. But similar types of perks as working at home.)

One Saturday she had to visit a tire store to see if certain items they had on sale were in stock. Another evening she and her husband had to go out for drinks at a local restaurant. (Yes... that was a mystery shopping assignment!)

She actually receives more assignments than she can take. And she lives in small suburban area, not some big metropolitan city.

You see, it's not a matter of having access to 10,000 different job listings if you later find out that 9,900 of those jobs are geared towards computer professionals. (Which is what happens at some of these telecommuter membership sites.)

The Telecommuter Job Report gives you access to companies that are hiring for all kinds of positions. Even if you don't have a college degree, you're still given opportunities to make good money.


Customer Feedback...

Hi Alexis,

All I can say is wow! I ordered your report back in November, hoping I could use the information to get some work for Christmas. I applied to XXXX and in December I began working for Comcast. They even offered me a bonus if I finished the training early.

What a blessing this is during the Christmas season. I'm able to stay home with my kids, and still earn some extra money. I'm so happy I found your site. I just wanted to thank you for your work.

Rhonda Spatafino


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To your work-at-home success,

Alexis Dawes
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